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Jan Spencer: News

2/16/13 Lowcountry Parlor Jazz Event

Smooth Jazz Singer Songwriter CD Helps You...

Relax - Renew & Celebrate You 

Sooooo, what kind of music is this?

What does it sound like?

My style has been described as Bill Withers meets Roberta Flack or Cassandra Wilson meets Brenda Russell or Carly Simon meets Jill Scott. Yet I definitely have my own, unique sound...warm & jazzy with just a bit of sass.

What does it feel like? you listen, I'm told that you'll find yourself in a unique musical space where you can relax, renew & celebrate you. I play and a sing warm, embracing, comtemporary jazz that helps you remember your best you.
Seductive and healing, my music takes you to a place where you can breathe deeply and prepare for the next moment.

Come - Breathe with me...

Come - Smile with me...

Come - Relax, Renew and Celebrate You!

Buy my new cd "Home Again" or download just one song at CD Baby today!!

Honky Tonk Angels from forever ago - December 30, 2015

This is not breaking news - more of an archive entry from 2013

Games Giggles and Art From the Heart - September 14, 2015

On Saturday September 19th I am leading a workshop called Games, Giggles and Art From the Heart at the TherAvist Conference Center on Lady's Island from 10:00am - 12:00pm.

Laughter releases endorphins into the brain which, in turn, elevate your mood. An elevated mood promotes the creativity we need to navigate our increasingly complex, contemporary lives. Good, right? So....

What if...for a couple of hours you gathered with a bunch of friends for some flat-out, grown up fun to explore, express and maybe even to your hidden creative self?

You might lose yourself in the laughter of games and find yourself in the magic of the moment, You might awaken in your senses through through beauty you create and hear from your heat through your hands. You might gain new insights and perspectives on yourself and your relationship to others.

Through games, giggles and the participation in a variety of art forms, this playshop is designed to reintroduce you to the joy and wonder of just being you. Join us, You'll leave smiling!

Register on line at or by calling (843) 812-1328

Playshop fee: $30.00 (includes all playshop materials)

TheAvista Conference Center
263 Brickyard Point Road
Lady's Island, SC 29907

Social media literacy - June 21, 2013

So, I'm really a late-blooming baby-boomer.  Until recently, social networking has not been a priority of mine.


After being convinced by several friends - many of them not baby boomers - that its not only important but fun, I've dived in and am beginning to get the hang of it.  When you have 3-4 minute to rub together (a boomer saying), have a look


Most of all, if you're a social-media-resistant boomer like I was, try it...just a little bit at a might find it to be well, fun?!?

Still working on even getting into! anyone!

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