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Jan Spencer: Affiliates


For contributions to my next album, I'm raising funds for.

Solar Falcon Productions

This is my son's (the college professor) website.  He teaches and conducts research on African World History  and is currently working to complete a documentary about his work.  Yeah, I'm a proud mama!

CreateWhole Wellness Services

Meet Veronica & Joyce.  Wonderful people, good friends and hosts of the Lowcountry Parlor Jazz series.  Check out their fabulous website unique array of wellness services.

Lowcountry Weekly - Opion, Arts, Culture, Lifestyle, Cuisine

A favorite Beaufort County newspaper that offers "Reflections on the good life in coastal South Carolina".

Your Island News

Offers Beaufort a " forum for news, events, straight talk opinions...through a weekly newspaper with a magazine feel".

The Phil Morrison Trio

Phil & Keith's Website.  Amazing classic jazz musicians - amazing!


Gene Harris on You Tube

This is the most amazing piano work I've ever witnessed.  Although I may not live long enough to reach it, its my new piano-playing bench mark...Whew!

Sly and the Family Stone - Thank You

Have always love these guys!

Shirley Horn on You Tube

Of course, Mrs. Horn here is a favored classic of mine.  Check her out!

Mary Lou Williams on You Tube

This sister is channeling Art Tatum in a way I've never before heard a female do.  Love her!

Donnie Hathaway on YouTube - Everything is Everything

Broke it down into 4 movements and rocked the house OUT y'all...

Donny Hathaway on YouTube

And of course, no list of piano playing (seriously) singers would be completed without the incredible Donny!  God, do I love YouTube!

Alicia Keys - Someday we'll all be free

And then there's this generation's singing players...and the beat goes on!





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