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Glad you're here too!

Sooooo, who am I? Well, I think of myself as a Jazz Singer/Songwriter. But some folks say I'm a Smooth Jazz Artist because the music I write and play really doesn't quite fit into a classic jazz category.

When I was a kid, WCHD, the local jazz station in my Detroit Jan Spencer - Jazz Singerhometown, played the great jazz singer Gloria Lynn. Hearing her casual, relaxed song stylings is what made me want to be a jazz singer. Later I came to appreciate other jazz greats like Sarah & Ella.

As a teen there was Motown and James Brown, and the Beatles. Then, as a young adult there was Aretha and Roberta Flack, Sly, Earth, Wind & Fire, Grant Green, Chaka Khan, Stanley Turentine, The Jazz Crusaders, Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson, Dionne Warwick.

Remember the incredible music they made?
Remember how it made you feel? Man!

These are just some of the artists who made me want to be a jazz singer-songwriter and musician.

When I first began my professional singing career and was building a jazz vocabulary, I had a gig at a quaint little jazz bar in Downtown Detroit called the Library Lounge & Deli.

There I learned that I love singing the blues as much as I loved singing jazz standards. And I learned that my audiences loved to hear me sing these too.

Nowadays, seems everybody I've ever loved listening to is all mixed up inside me. And they come singing through me whenever they feel like it. That’s just fine!

Bottom line - I sing the music that makes my heart happy and my audiences smile.

If you like to smile, come on in and check me out and decide for yourself!

Am I smooth or what?

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